Rockville Maryland Social Security disability lawyers provide personal service to Social Security disability applicants

Our Maryland Social Security disability lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and judgment to promote your Social Security claim and fight for your disability benefits to the fullest extent of the law.

We work hard to make your experience with us at our Maryland disability law firm as convenient, pleasant, and rewarding as possible. Our lawyers are easy to talk to and we care about your problems.

Be sure to visit our new and improved website for the most up to date and relevant information.

We understand the difficulties faced by clients who are desperately seeking needed disability benefits. To us, you are not simply another file. We know that your very hopes for a meaningful future may lie in our success in getting you the disability benefits that you are entitled to receive. Our track record is witness to our success. We provide prompt, aggressive, and caring services to each one of our Maryland Social Security disability clients.

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This website gives some answers about Social Security disability in Maryland

We encourage you to call or come into our Maryland Social Security office to talk to a lawyer about your disability claim. However, this website can answer some of your questions about the Maryland Social Security disability evaluation process. Click on the links, and you will find information about these things:

Should I apply for Maryland Social Security disability benefits?

Does my condition match the Social Security guidelines?

What goes on at a Maryland Social Security disability hearing?

  • Click The hearing for an explanation of Administrative Law Judges and how Social Security disability hearings are conducted.
  • Click Your testimony and Lay witnesses for information about the kind of testimony that the Administrative Law Judge will want to hear.
  • Look at the video How the Judge Determines Disability for a short explanation of how an administrative law judge will assess your eligibility.

What can I do to help with my case?

How we help Rockville Maryland Social Security disability applicants

Most people file their initial Maryland Social Security disability claim themselves. Unfortunately, most initial claims are denied. However, we can pick up that denial and pursue an appeal to an Administrative Law Judge. We will talk to you to learn about your condition and the status of your case. Then we will go to work gathering the evidence that we need to establish your right to disability benefits.

Exactly what we will do varies from case to case because everyone is different, but as a general rule we will do these things:

  • Verify that the Social Security Administration has all of your relevant medical records. The records should have been provided for the initial decision, but sometimes the Social Security files are incomplete.
  • Talk to your doctors and therapists, and work with them regarding the reports that they provide to the Social Security Administration.
  • Consider referring you to a specialist. Sometimes Social Security disability applicants have not found the right type of medical specialist to evaluate their condition.
  • Explain the hearing process to you, and prepare you to testify. Testifying in front of a judge can be intimidating, but it is much more comfortable when you have a Rockville Maryland Social Security lawyer on your side helping your through.
  • Pick the best witnesses who can testify on your behalf. We can bring in some of your family members, or friends, or co-workers to support your claim.
  • Present legal arguments to the Administrative Law Judge. Many of the rules and regulations of the Social Security Administration are complex and confusing to outsiders, but we are experienced in this work and know how to present your case.

Let us help you with your Maryland disability claim

We represent Social Security disability claimants throughout Maryland, and particularly in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and Frederick County. Having an experienced Maryland Social Security lawyer handle your disability claim will not only increase your chance of success, but it will give you peace of mind to know that someone is taking care of you.

If you would like us to evaluate your claim, please provide a brief description of it on the form to the right, and we will respond promptly.